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PSGB, the UK's national primatological society, is dedicated to the advancement of primate research, conservation and captive care. The Society publishes Primate Eye, three times a year, and celebrates primatology at Spring and Winter conferences each year. I invite you to become a member of our vibrant Society and, as a member or a visitor, keep up to date with primatology in the UK via our website. I encourage you to engage with PSGB in attending to the needs of primates around the world. By joining together in large numbers we can represent the needs of primates and their habitats better and help reverse the trends towards extinction.

Professor Joanna Setchell, PSGB President

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Benefits of membership include a subscription to Primate Eye, reduced price meeting registration and eligibility to apply for PSGB grants.
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Society meetings

Our Online Summer Meeting will take place on Tuesday 22nd June 2021.  Tickets are available here:


Our Conservation Cause this year is Proyecto Titi.


PSGB will hold its annual Winter meeting in December 2021.


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Nearly half of all the world's primates are in danger of going extinct during our lifetime. PSGB actively supports primate conservation by awarding grants for conservation research and donating money and expertise to primate conservation causes. 

The grant deadline for 2021 is 31st March

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Captive Care

PSGB helps to ensure the highest possible standards of care and welfare for captive primates. Its Captive Care Working Party awards grants and offers specialist advice on primate welfare.

The grant deadline for 2021 is 31st March. 

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Many PSGB members are active researchers, covering all areas of primatology and related fields. The Research Working Party awards general grants to support primatological research.

The grant deadline for 2021 is 31st March.

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