For up-to-date postings of available volunteer and internship positions, we recommend checking Primate Info Net. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we post primate jobs and volunteering posts under #primatepositions. Below are some organisations that have volunteering opportunities, or that give more information about volunteering. 



The website for the Ecovolunteer Program offers many wildlife conservation and research projects all over the world. The projects involve many different species: monk seals, wolves, griffon vultures, black rhinos, white rhinos, colobus monkeys, bush babies, gibbons, several species of macaques, bats, macaws, marine turtles, dolphins, whales, etc. The projects are available for direct participation by students and holidaymakers. The website offers separate pages of information about each project and additionally the opportunity to freely download extensive files on each project and species. All projects are operated by local conservation and research organizations and the costs for participation are minimal.


Animal Behaviour Research Unit - Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

This is a field study site managed by Anglia Polytechnic University. There are  volunteer positions to contribute to the on-going (3 decades) study of the behaviour and ecology of yellow baboons.Requirements: an undergraduate degree (preferably biological) and a minimum of one years commitment.


Inkawu Vervet Project

The site is located in Mawana Game Reserve in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, on a 12,000h private ranch where multiple groups of fully habituated vervet monkeys have been studied for several years. The project recruits volunteer research assistants year-round to help post-doctoral researchers and PhD students with a broad range of research projects. Many previous team-members have gone on to PhD positions thanks to the strength of experience gained at IVP. For further information contact Dr Erica van de Waal.  


Tsaobis Baboon Project

Tsaobis Baboon Project often look for volunteers between May and September. The fieldwork will primarily involve daily follows of baboon troops on foot, collecting data on the behaviour and ecology of individually recognisable animals.


Living Links

Each year living links supports promising undergraduate students with interests in evolution, anthropology, primatology and behavioural biology. The Centre provides a small number of fellowships for which students at Emory University (USA) and elsewhere can apply, these are called Living Links Summer Internships.


Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU)

Contains info about wildlife conservation as a career, info about volunteer work in the UK and overseas, and has jobs section.


British Channel Islands World Wide Fund for Nature

Directory of conservation, environment and wildlife organisations.


International Directory of Primatology (Conservation Agencies)

Born Free Foundation Volunteer Opportunities



 If you are aware of any opportunities which you would like us to disseminate to PSGB members, please contact the student representative.