The Student Representative is Christine Paddock, a PhD student at Cardiff University. It is her job to raise student issues within the Society and provide information that might be useful to students interested in primatology. If you have any comments, questions, know of any courses or opportunities that may be relevant to students or would like further information about joining the society as a student member, please feel free to contact her on


Presenting at meetings

The PSGB Spring Meeting provides an opportunity for students to present their work as a poster or spoken presentation alongside  established researchers, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Students can also proffer posters for the Winter Meeting.

Most years, there are small travel bursaries (normally of up to £50) available to student presenters. Student members wishing to apply for a bursary should indicate this when submitting their meeting abstract/registration form. To claim a bursary, receipts must be provided.

Students giving a spoken presentation at the Spring Meeting will be considered for the Charles A. Lockwood Prize and Medal. There is also a prize for the best poster presentation. A list of former prize-winners is located on the Medals page.


Napier Medal

Every two years, postgraduates who have recently completed a PhD can be nominated for the Napier Memorial Medal. The closing date for the next competition is August 1st, 2017, for PhDs completed after June 2015. The 2017 Napier Memorial Medal award winner will be announced at the Winter Meeting of 2017.

Follow the link on the left for more information. A list of former prize-winners is located on the Medals page.


Courses, grants, volunteering and job opportunities

Follow the links to the left for courses in primatology, information about grants, volunteering and job opportunities.