Research Working Party

Primatology is a highly diverse field and PSGB seeks to support research across a range of disciplines as well as interdisciplinary studies, including but not restricted to behavioural ecology, psychology, anthropology, archaeology and culture, cognition, development, evolutionary biology, and comparative approaches. PSGB members undertake, within a strict ethical framework, experimental or observational studies with captive and wild primates, and addressing ultimate questions such as adaptation and evolution, or proximate questions such as causation / mechanisms and ontogeny / development. PSGB has adopted the International Primatological Society's Code of Best Practices For Field Primatology.

The Research Working Party (RWP) is involved with all aspects of primate research. It encourages high quality, rigorous and diverse research which will further our understanding of primates. If you are applying for a research grant, the RWP may be able to introduce you to another member who has recently been awarded a grant from the same funding body. See the grants and jobs page for more information.

The RWP also administers the Napier Medal and the PSGB General Research Grants. More information about PSGB Research Grants and how to apply can be found by following the links on the left.

The Research Working Party is actively seeking funds to give out to Research Grants applicants. We would love to hear from any organisation willing to help through donations, which can be used to support primate research projects. Please contact Zanna Clay ( 


For more information and advice please contact:

Dr Zanna Clay (
Convenor, PSGB Research Working Party