Napier Medal

Following a bequest to the Society, PSGB instituted the Napier Memorial Medal in 1991 in memory of its founding President, Professor John Napier. The medal is offered every two years to a new primatologist to provide encouragement through the public recognition of their work. The next Napier Medal will be awarded at the Spring meeting 2020. To be eligible for consideration candidates must:

  • be a British subject or a foreign national who has completed a PhD at a UK institution of higher education
  • have submitted their PhD between 1st December 2017 and 1st December 2019


The next deadline for nominations is 31st December 2019. Candidates should normally be nominated by their PhD supervisor (whether she/he is a member or not) but alternatively the nomination can come from any member of the society. Nominations should be sent to the Research Working Party ( and should comprise:

  • the candidate's CV (including an abstract of the PhD thesis and full list of publications)
  • a PDF of the approved doctoral thesis
  • two letters of reference (one from the external examiner of the PhD; the other can be the supervisor or nominator)


A list of former awardees is located on the medals page.