Upcoming meetings

Spring meeting 2018

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 - Thu, 12 Apr 2018

University of Portsmouth

Organised by Professor Bridget Waller and colleagues 

Full information on the Eventbrite page


Keynote speakers:

Professor Josep Call (University of St. Andrews) 
Professor Louise Barrett (University of Lethbridge, Canada)
Professor Candy Rowe (Newcastle University)
Professor Robin Dunbar (University of Oxford)

General meeting information

PSGB holds two scientific meetings a year. The Winter Meeting is a symposium on a specific topic with invited speakers and proffered poster presentations. It is often held in London. The Spring Meeting generally has proffered papers and posters with one or two invited keynote speakers. It is held at different venues around the country.

All members, regardless of career stage, are encouraged to submit abstracts for high quality podium presentations at the Spring Meeting and poster presentations at the Spring and Winter Meetings.

All members get reduced price registration for meetings. If non-members want to attend, it is usually cost effective to join the Society at the same time. Joining online is quick and easy.

Future meetings

  • Spring 2018 - Portsmouth - Dr Bridget Waller and colleagues (11th & 12th April)
  • Winter 2018 - Bristol Zoo - Dr Amanda Webber (4th & 5th Dec)
  • Spring 2019 - Powell-Cotton Museum/Canterbury Christ Church University - Mrs Jaimie Morris
  • Spring 2020 - Liverpool John Moores university - Dr Emily Bethell

Have you thought about organising a PSGB meeting?

We are currently looking for people to volunteer to organise our wonderful Winter meetings in 2019 and 2020.

Organising a meeting will not only help PSGB, but will also provide you with opportunities to create a partially themed meeting that may have a particular bearing on your own work, or to invite speakers who have inspired your own research. It is also fun to do! You do not need to have a PhD; postgraduate students are just as welcome. Showing you have organised a scientific meeting will also look great on your CV.

We have guidelines that can help you plan and structure your meeting and a team of experienced people who can provide you with advice.

If you would like organise a future meeting (spring or winter), please contact our Meetings Officer Emily Bethell ( to talk about what is involved.