Folia Primatologica

PSGB and Folia Primatologica have been closely linked for many years, partly as a result of the relationship between the European Federation for Primatology and the journal, and also because three of most recent Editors-in-Chief, Robert Martin, Robin Crompton and Anna Nekaris, have had long associations with PSGB, as do many of the editorial board members. PSGB has a seat on the editorial board.  

Like PSGB, Folia Primatologica supports the spectrum of primate research and emphasises the highest possible ethical standards. The journal covers fields as diverse as social behaviour, genetics, ecology, conservation, palaeontology, systematic, physiology and functional anatomy. It publishes special issues of high quality conference proceedings (full, invited peer reviewed articles) and well as original peer-reviewed work.

PSGB members are eligible to subscribe to Folia Primatologica at a much-reduced rate (details available here). Members are also invited to submit proposals for special issues to the Editors-in-Chief, Anna Nekaris ( or Christophe Soligo (