Captive Care Working Party

The PSGB Captive Care Working Party (CCWP) provides expert advice to interested parties within and outside the Society and co-ordinates action on matters relating to the welfare of primates in laboratories and other captive settings. The CCWP focuses on practical issues, deferring discussion of the ethical issues associated with primate use to more appropriate bodies. However, our organisation is committed to the Three Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement) of humane experimental technique.

The CCWP holds an annual business meeting, and meets at other times as necessary. Contact between members is maintained through email. At the annual meeting we review developments in laws and practice, issues and news relating to captive primates. Typically, our review will include changes to UK or European legislation, establishment or closing of research facilities, and news from the zoo community. We produce yearly reports and draft policy letters for PSGB Council.

Current areas of interest include acquisition and transport, housing and husbandry, training with positive reinforcement techniques, weaning policy and management of breeding colonies.

Membership of the CCWP is open to all members of the PSGB but is attractive primarily to people with specialist knowledge of, or a professional interest in, the care of primates in captivity. Currently, membership comprises both researchers and animal welfare representatives who have experience with a range of primate species (strepsirhines, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, and apes) in a variety of captive settings. One of the challenges facing the CCWP is to form stronger links between all institutions housing primates, particularly research facilities, zoos and rescue centres. You can download a presentation about the CCWP. Further links to captive care resources can be found on the left.

The CCWP administers the PSGB Captive Care Grants. Follow the links on the left to find out more about CCWP grants and submit an application.

For more information on the CCWP and advice about captive care please contact the Convenor:

Steve Unwin, Convenor, PSGB Captive Care Working Party